Friday, January 5, 2007

Opening Invitation

Hello folks. I want to invite you all to ask questions and begin contributing to this new blog I’ve started. Truth is, it's not really my blog but yours, or at least that's the way I hope it turns out. I will be more than happy to try and answer any questions you have, but I also want you to share your own experiences, observations, and knowledge with those who join us. This is not a forum for experts. It's a place for amateurs in the French sense of that word. An amateur is more than a dedicated hobbyist; he or she is a lover, often a passionate lover, of something dear to them. Here at Amateurs du Vin the interest, love, and passion we share is for wine. I also invite you to pass this blog address on to anyone you feel would like to join in. Those with questions or suggestions can either email them to me at or else use the Comment feature. This blog will only be as good as you all help me make it. So cheers: here’s to fun times ahead!


Susan Johnston said...

Hi John. This is a test to see if I can get this to work for me. I think this is a great idea! -Susan

Anonymous said...

Uncle John,

What a cool idea... I am saving this in my favorites!


McD said...

look forward to the blog, john

Terry said...

Hey John,

Way to go! Such a helpful site! I love the photo. I can't wait to use this available information and tell my friends :-)


sme3 said...

Terrific, John.
I wish my taste buds were more sophistocated.

Liz said...

John - this is great - I sent an e-mail to you about the "hocks" as we call them in the UK. We are eating a lot more fish and seafood - what are your favorites with these ? I am a rank amateur about wine so this is a perfect forum for me to learn - THANKS